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How are digital tools being used to provide and receive therapy today? 

The Digital Therapy Project seeks to understand experiences of teletherapy, online therapy platforms, and digital mental health tools from the perspectives of therapists and consumers/users of these technologies.

We are interested in any digital tools that you consider to be therapeutic including mindfulness and wellbeing apps, mental health chatbots, text based support, teletherapy with/as a therapist in private practice or via an online therapy platform. Anything you consider to be therapeutic we are interested in. 


We are a group of researchers, practitioners, and academics from UK and US research institutions and professional networks of therapists seeking to answer how people are using digital tools for their mental health. Learn more about who we are here.


We are looking for users and therapists in the United Kingdom and United States to fill out a short survey to capture different perspectives on the use of digital therapeutic tools. 


Help us out understand how professionals and users are using digital therapy. 

The survey just takes15 minutes! 

Access the survey here.

We will be collecting data until October 2023 and will produce a report of what we find in early 2024.

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